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Talurjuaq: “large caribou hunting blind”

Population: 1,029

Taloyoak hold the distinction of being the northernmost community on Canada’s mainland.

Fishing is good here year-round, but spring and summer are prime time for catching Arctic char and lake trout.

On the land, at the Boothia peninsula’s southwest coast, caribou migrate by the community. Although hunters often use all-terrain vehicles to transport their catch these days, there are still times when an individual will take down a caribou close to town, sling it over his shoulders and carry it back on foot over rugged terrain, a true feat of strength.

During the winter, there’s great snowmobiling in the area. You can often view igloos built on the harbor ice adjacent to the community.

Creating art remains a pastime or an occupation for some residents. There are several talented artists in Taloyoak who make beloved wool duffel “packing dolls”. The practice started in the 1970s with Peeteekootee Ugyuk leading the way. These crafts portray local animals carrying or “packing” their offspring in amautis, parkas with large hoods, much in the same way Inuit women do with their babies. There are muskoxen, polar bears, snowy owls, Arctic hare, ptarmigan, walruses and others, all with their progeny in tow. Taluq Designs, an arts and crafts outlet, and a subsidiary of Nunavut Development Corporation, markets these dolls and other arts and crafts. It is well worth a visit.

There are also talented carvers in the community. One of Taloyoak’s better known carvers, the late Karoo Ashevak, produced work that remains in high demand. His sculpture Shaman with Opposing Faces fetched an astounding $90,000 at auction in Toronto in 2018. One of Ashevak’s larger pieces commanded $130,000 in 2016.

Regular air service to the community is provided by Canadian North’s ATR. Taloyoak has the newest air terminal, a 3,466 square foot, two-storey, terminal building featuring heated floors, improved seating and accessible for those with disabilities.

For more information on services and businesses, contact the Hamlet office at 867-561-2300.